šŸ“¬ The easiest way to get receive emails on your API

Automate your emails
Increase Conversion.

Works with Gmail

This tool is used for Automatic Attachments Processing, Newsletter Scraping, Customer Support, CRM Connection, Hiring, Discord, Telegram, WeChat, Trading Automation ...

and in so many other ways!

How it works?

Mailhook generates a unique mail address, just for you.
When a new email comes in, it gets redirected to your API.
Now you can also connect your existing Gmail account!

Inbound mail

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Data sent to your webhook

Supercharge Your Email Workflow with Mailhook

Works with Gmail
Mailhook offers a comprehensive suite of email management tools designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. Our platform provides three powerful ways to connect your emails to webhooks:

1. Instant Mailhook Address

Get started immediately with a unique Mailhook email address. Every email sent to this address is automatically forwarded to your designated webhook, allowing for instant integration and automation.

2. Custom Address

Create a personalized email address with our domain, giving you a professional and memorable point of contact. Perfect for specific projects or departments, this feature adds a personal touch to your automated email workflows.

3. Gmail Integration

Connect your existing Gmail accounts to Mailhook and harness the power of email automation without changing your email address. Ideal for seamlessly integrating your current email setup with advanced automation features.

Whether you're a small business owner, a developer, or an enterprise-level organization, Mailhook provides the flexibility and power to take control of your inbox like never before. Sign up now and transform the way you handle emails!

Small business.


(monthly flat fee)

What You Get

Connect multiple webhooks
Works with Zappier
Get email as HTML and Text
1,000 emails *
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Growth package.


(monthly flat fee)

What You Get

Small Business Features included
10,000 emails *
Small Attachments (max 10 MB per file*)
Retry failed webhook
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Conversion package. (with Gmail)


(monthly flat fee)

What You Get

Growth package features included
100,000 emails *
Large Attachments (max 2Gb per file*)
Custom Email address (new !)
Connect Gmail accounts (new !)
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Frequently Asked Questions

šŸ”— How do I connect my Gmail account?

You can easily connect your Gmail account from your dashboard. Simply click on the "Connect Gmail" button and follow the authentication process. Once connected, you can start forwarding emails from your Gmail to your webhook.

šŸ“§ Can I connect multiple Gmail accounts?

Yes! With our Conversion package, you can connect unlimited Gmail accounts to Mailhook. This allows you to manage and automate emails from multiple accounts through a single platform.

šŸ”Ø How to create your first webhook?

Go to the dashboard, enter the url of the webhook to call and click on "add new webhook".
Once created, your mailhook will be listed

šŸ“« How to receive my emails on my api ?

Go to the dashboard, enter the url of the webhook to call and click on "add new webhook".
Once created, your mailhook will be listed

šŸ“© Can I get a custom email address?

Yes! You can generate a custom email address for your mailhook. You can configure it from your dashboard.

šŸ“ How can I download email attachements ?

Depending your plan, attachements can be found on the JSON body. You can use the dedicated attachements URL to download it (available during 72h after email reception).

šŸ” How to replay failed webhooks?

You can replay any failed delivery from your dashboard.

šŸŒ How to connect your webhook with Zapier?

You can use Webhooks By Zapier. Simply enter the URL provided by Zapier as the URL for your webhook.

šŸš€ You have specific needs? We are happy to help you!

Some of our customers have already told us about their specific needs. Send us an email describing your project, and we'll do our best to help!


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